Goliath Treestand by Summit

Wow, where do I start …..? I’ve been using Summit Treestands for probably the last
25 years. First and foremost their Climbing Stands are very safe and very
comfortable for those all day sits! When I say all day I mean sitting for like 8 to 10
hours! If you have a giant buck you’ve been hunting for a season or two, or three,
and you know the rut is on and you need to be in the stand all day, pack a lunch and
be prepared for a comfy sit waiting on your buck to cruise by!
The Goliath Climbing Treestand is the one I use, its made for big boys with a weight
capacity of 350lbs, and weighs only 21lbs. I’m an average size guy at 6’ tall and
200lbs, however, I like the room that comes with it. Also while hiking to find that
perfect spot, or walking to your favorite honey hole, it’s very compact and easily
carried like a backpack!
Another great thing about Summit Climbing stands is when you’re done hunting for
the day and ready to head to the house for supper, it literally takes 2 minutes to take
off the tree, throw it on your back and head home! This feature is great for hunting
public land and you don’t want to leave anything in the woods!

I highly recommend Summit Climbing Treestands, I feel like they are the safest, and
the best climbing stands on the market today!


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